Why I do it

With a passion for good, functional design I enjoy knowing what I do makes a positive difference.

Below is an example of how I made a difference at The AA.


As a valued AA Member, the AA provides a rewards service that showcases special offers, competition and upcoming events from its associated partners. The offers are accessed via an online account and members receive a monthly newsletter to increase engagement. The aim was to increase click through rates and improve brand and customer rapport.

Before the redesign

The AA’s existing newsletter was impressive, making good use of the subject line and optimising the pre-header to increase open rates. Once opened, the member was greeted with a personalised welcome that highlights the content.

The content was broken into clear sections and also aided by a listed content summary. The CTAs stood out and looked inviting as buttons.

While giving the desktop user a good experience, the emails fell short for the mobile user.


  • Make it mobile friendly, implement responsive design techniquess
  • Increase font sizes for mobile devices
  • Reduce the amount of copy
  • Add ALT text and bulletproof buttons to enhance images-off viewing.

After the redesign

Click here to view full desktop and mobile email visuals

With the redesigned template, the AA takes their emails to the next level. The biggest improvement is that it’s now fully responsive! When viewed on a mobile device, the template switches to a single column design, enabling the reader to quickly scan through the content. In addition, the Buttons are now finger friendly and are all bulletproof to ensure the CTA is readable and usable even when images are disabled. The responsive template also allows them to target specific content for mobile devices; such as a suggestion to download the AA app.

Font sizes for body copy and titles adapt and ensure full legibility on mobile devices. Feature headers or product offers are readily clickable.

As you only have a few seconds to make an impact, the large heading and supporting image should work together to create the theme for the content, and also entice the reader to scroll down.


The AA has seen amazing results. The templates now have an improved exposure of third party content that drives visits to the site, improving engagement with the brand. Testing has also become a big part in the redesign, not only is the visual consistency checked via Litmus, but, A/B testing to subject lines and content components is regularly carried out to maintain the increased open and conversion rates.